There Are More Ways Than One To Drink A Cup Of Tea

Hi folks, One thing that I have learned from my studies of Feldenkrais over the last five years is that there are many ways to carry out any physical activity with your body, and most of these ways you'll never even know exist. We come into this world programmed to learn how to crawl, sit, stand, walk, run and complete all the many other activities needed for our prolonged survival. I suspect that we learn ... Read more

We Need To Develop Do’s And Don’ts For AAA, Cardiac Stents, And Everything Else For That Matter

Boy, these old posts are badly written and constructed - that's how you learn! Hi folks, You hear of exercise being touted as a cure-all, whereas it can clearly be risky in certain situations. For instance, if you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes are there amounts and types of exercise that are contra-indicated (not good in your situation)? I bet there are! This is true of age (too much bouncing on a ... Read more

Accidents Happen But You Do Need To Exercise Your Dog

  Hi folks, My previous post contained a video clip made in my kitchen, which revealed a couple of bowls on the floor in the background. They belong to Scooter. He is a feisty little chap, but as I always spoil my animals he is also somewhat overweight. A few days ago he made the mistake of following me on a trail run, and after about a mile he was lagging seriously. Tongue lolling out of his mouth, ... Read more

Skin Is An Important Issue For The Endurance Athlete

Hi folks, Sue and I just returned from a great ride, when I noticed this 'still life' as part of Sue's car, and it got me thinking about skin. I sure wish that we could wrap all of our food in living and thus biodegradable skin like that of the banana. The skin of a car is hard and a real danger to us on the road when cycling, which is why we wear a reinforced head skin, or helmet. There are many ways ... Read more

Safe Running Surface Selection And A Brief Conversation With Gina Kolata Of The New York Times

Hi folks, Running on trails can be wonderful, especially in cool weather or on a rainy day, but it does come with some risks. The other day, a hot day, I was sitting IMPATIENTLY in a sports store waiting for Nick (13-year old) to 'please' select the shoes he wanted so I could get back to work on my blog/e-business. I had a bit of writer's block. I was wondering where the next post idea was coming from. This ... Read more

Accidents Happen When You Are Tired Or Distracted

  Hi folks, Have you ever had a serious training accident? I have experienced several, and each one was at least to some extent my own fault. I was tired or lost my focus every time. These accidents included the following: (1) A severely injured knee at the end of a long day's skiing (mistake - full day ski pass on the first day of the season), which resulted in surgery. (2) A bad bike wreck that ... Read more

Do You Want To Fix Your Health Problem, Or Do You Just Want It To Go Away?

  Hi folks, I often encounter people with health problems or training injuries who complain about them, describe them in great detail or the symptoms at least, provide a litany of health specialists consulted and so forth, but when I suggest that they might actually work on the issue themselves they look extremely confused or nod their head and continue in the same old way to repeat the story to me a month ... Read more

Sports Injuries: Are You Looking For The Wrong Thing In The Wrong Place?

  Hi folks, Whilst staying in a motel on the Interstate recently, I was awoken at 2:00 am by a cyclic buzzing sound, which I immediately assumed was an alarm clock in the adjacent room. You know what they say about, 'ASSUME.' Makes and ass out of you and an ass out of me. I just could not get back to sleep, so off I went in search of the offending noise, with the assistance of the night clerk (a nice ... Read more

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