So-Called Plantar Fasciitis Nociceptive Heel Pain is From Your Hips, Believe it or Not!

plantar fasciitis nociceptive pain
Site of my recent plantar fasciitis nociceptive heel pain, and we have a cat dog standoff!

Competitive cycling places a load on your hip or core muscles, especially if you push the hill climbs. This is one thing that will trigger my so-called plantar fasciitis nociceptive heel pain.

A few days ago, we pushed to 42-miles, on our way to 100-mile rides, as I work to reclaim my “base bike fitness level.” The next morning, I noticed mild pain in my right medial heel. Is it a heel problem? NO! Tight muscle in my hips, somewhere. I gently rubbed the sore spot, felt the response in the location of the hip tightness, an old injury site, ipsilateral (same side of my body) glut minimus. A little intelligent stretching should do the trick, as explained in my book, plus other loosening and hip balance work.

And my so-called plantar fasciitis nociceptive heel pain melted away. It’s not a heel problem, it’s a hip problem due to imbalance or tightness of one or more hip rotators.

No doubt about it.

Wishing you happy feet,


People don’t believe, me, but as a research pathologist I just wanted to know what was killing my heels, so I did a little (seven years) research. Now I can get rid of it every time.

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