Repiphanies, Arch Supports, And FitOldDog’s Journey To Barefoot Running And Back Again

Repiphanies, Arch Supports, And FitOldDog's Journey To Barefoot Running And Back Again

Hi folks, welcome! Just because you can't handle barefoot running, does not mean that you can't use it as a carefully titrated component of your arch (thus your running) training. I really don't like using arch supports for running, as I consider them to be a crutch, but it would appear, that for now at least, I'm forced to do so! Ever since my interest in barefoot running, and increasing the ... Read more

Find Your Subtle Weaknesses To Improve Your Life And Your Sport

  Hi folks, It's pretty easy to discover what you REALLY cannot do well, both mentally and physically, as long as you give it a serious attempt. However, it can be the more subtle weaknesses that take the edge off of your fun and athletic skill. For instance, a physical therapist told me many years ago that I have weak adductor muscles in my legs. I work on them, carefully, all the time using the weight ... Read more

Fingers, Toes, Ironman Training, And The Power Of Human Imagination

Hi folks, We have many sensors with which to explore our environment, and now the Universe in general, including sight, sound and touch. We have extended our senses through the development of tools, which increase the reach of our bodies, from earth moving machinery to the Hubble Telescope. Feedback from these tools markedly extends the range of our minds, but once you start to train for an Ironman or other ... Read more

The Definition Of A Good Day And Occam’s Razor

  Hi folks, Well, I had a good day today. Two people said that they had started working out because I had inspired them. Something to do with my running and biking and swimming and going to the gym all the time, I guess. But that was nice. The other 'good thing' happened at the store we are re-opening, Johnny's Gone Fishing. We have been giving away complimentary bagels (apologies to Gary Taubes), ... Read more

Beware ‘Crazy Time’ That Comes In Many Guises, Including Barefoot Running

  Hi folks, During life we have to overcome many challenges, including major life-changing relationship issues. The author is no exception in this regard. The good news is that you learn what to expect, how to protect yourself whilst attempting to be fair to others, and you know the pain will end and a new, exciting life will appear once you accept the loss and move on. The real danger comes during ... Read more

Train to Race or Race to Train, Lazy Bum, And Dropped By An 81-Year Old

  Hi folks, Well! My son and I finished the Eagleman race this weekend. It was one of those races where you wonder why you are doing this to yourself, as it was very hot, lots of people had cramps, and both of our runs were a mess due to cramping. This is when I have to remind myself that I race to train, not the other way around. I enjoy the races, but I don't enjoy quad cramps during a run. This has only ... Read more

Is It Tendonitis Or Referred Pain, And Either Way What Can You Do About It?

  Hi folks! Matthew, a friend and relative, asked me on Facebook about his running injury, as follows [with minor edits]: "after agreeing with your sentiments about barefoot running, I promptly picked up a foot tendon injury and haven't been able to run since. [ ] I can't for the life of me recall which tendon is damaged [ ] its outside the arch...possibly one of the peroneus tendons in this ... Read more

Open Water Swim, New Bike, And Running In The Rain, All In One Weekend: Could Life Be Better?

Hi folks! People often ask me if I am a little crazy doing Ironman training. I think people who don't train are crazy! There is always some kind of workout that you can do, even if you are severely injured or disabled. Just look around and see what some people achieve, like Benjamin Carey, for instance. He and his 'open heart' surgeon completed the New York Marathon one year to the day after they replaced ... Read more

Disclaimer: As a veterinarian, I do not provide medical advice for human animals. If you undertake or modify an exercise program, consult your medical advisors before doing so. Undertaking activities pursued by the author does not mean that he endorses your undertaking such activities, which is clearly your decision and responsibility. Be careful and sensible, please.