Every Setback Can Be An Opportunity For Reflection, Even The Flu!

"Stubbornness, on the other hand, may look like tenacious determination, but it can paint you into a corner and cut you off from the possibility of positive change." Tenacious or Stubborn, by Sallie Culbreth Hi folks, welcome! A change is as good as a rest, even when my training, blogging, and life in general, are interrupted by my lying flat on my back with a fever for four days. It feels so good to be ... Read more

Google Analytics Brings My Blog Alive

  Hi folks, Life is very interesting, don't you think? I never was much of a people person, so I retired into a life of science, and then it was over, after 40 happy years. I decided to move on, almost simultaneously embracing two different business interests, not that I knew squat about business. My two businesses are Johnny's Gone Fishing LLC (co-owner), and Old Dogs in Training LLC (owner - which is ... Read more

Musings Of A Neophyte Social Networker And Must Read Book Series, Everlost

  Hi folks, Twitter is a strange world that it takes time to negotiate. I have found that this networking tool can direct a lot of traffic your way, or not, depending how you use it. There is a mountain of advice out there on the use of Twitter, but the three things that I have learned so far, that might be important, are: Don't just automate your tweets through your blog and/or Twuffer (or similar), ... Read more

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