Feldenkrais And Continuum Training Taught FitOldDog To Listen To His Toes But Are Triathletes Heeding Mark Sisson?

Hi folks! Good to still be here on Planet Earth, though I would like to visit the space station! When it comes to putting things in perspective, read The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, then study a bit of Biochemistry, and you'll understand why America has been fooled into obesity by the low fat diet craze. FitOldDog is finding Paleo thinking (not a strict Paleolithic diet - that's impossible - the stone ... Read more

First Ease Then Speed: Throw Your Arms And Legs Behind You As You Run

"When I run well I imagine myself to be a small sailboat skimming across the sea, whole body curved like the sail, core a flexible and responsive mast that stores and returns energy like a spring, feet cutting through the waves, heels kicking up a strong wake, and it feels great. What freedom! Creative visualization is a critical skill for body movement, especially as you age." "First ease then speed." by ... Read more

Invited Post By Rebecca Amis Lawson: FitOldDog Benefits Considerably From His Study Of Continuum, But What Is It?

"Triathletes of all ages spend a lot of time, money and effort getting the right bike and running gear, but they rarely seem to invest enough in tuning the engine." by FitOldDog Hi Folks, FitOldDog has been coming to see me for a while now. We work on his alignment, posture, movement dynamics and patterns that are inhibiting his performance in his sport and life. Often we will use a modality called ... Read more

The Evolving Vision Of The Athlete With Stent Blog By FitOldDog And A Question For My Subscribers

  Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! Say, faithful subscribers, would you like me to add you to an e-mail list I'm creating to provide promotion codes for our video and text products? The codes will give you a reduced rate (sometimes free) in return for following, and thus supporting, this blog? Thanks! Just comment accordingly on this post, and if enough people do so I'll create the list and send ... Read more

Introductory Video Lesson On Yoga Toes From FitOldDog’s Continuum And Dance Teacher For An Endurance Athlete

  Hi folks, I recently published a blog post about the effect of Continuum training and yoga toes on the health of my feet and my shoe size. This generated some interest from Pauline, an endurance athlete who introduced me to the AAA Facebook Page, of which she was one of the creators. As the real key to the use of yoga toes is how they are applied, which requires some training, I asked Rebecca, my ... Read more

Activating Your Core Prior To A Run As Part Of A Roller Routine

Hi folks, We sure have some lovely countryside here in North Carolina, including great running trails. I had two short runs to do today, and during the first of these I was gently cruising along and it occurred to me how much better I am at engaging my core and how this makes hill ascents more manageable. I was also playing with shifting the load from my quads and hip flexors back to the combination of ... Read more

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