Optimizing The Context Of Your Training And FitOldDog’s Last Scientific Publication

  Hi folks, A number of books have changed the way I think, including 'The Road Less Traveled' (persuaded me to take responsibility for my own problems), 'Atlas Shrugged' (moderated my tendency to be too left wing), 'Tao te Ching' (gave me good advice on living), 'The Power of Now' (trained me to silence the chatter in my head and develop a more stable state of inner calm), and 'Zen and the Art of ... Read more

My Favorite Training Information Site: Joe Friel’s Blog

Hi Folks, There are plenty of good exercise-related blogs out there. My favorite Internet training resource is Joe Friel's Blog. It has lots of information going back several years, with regular posts that can be followed on Twitter. What more do you want? Searching this site will take you to some excellent information on workouts, injuries, races, nutrition, aging and so forth. Take a look. -k Your ... Read more

The Three (Parts Of The) Body Problem And What I Learned From National Public Radio

Hi folks, This post is about thinking about food, and the fact that the behavior of two interacting variables may be predictable, but for three it is not. I spend a significant amount of time listening to teenagers interact (I'm lucky that way) and, boy, I wouldn't be a teenager again for all the tea in China. A few days ago teenage girl A (16) was arguing with one of her close friends, teenage girl B, which ... Read more

Training As A Journey Of Self-Discovery: How Much Is Too Much?

  Hi folks, The real art to training safely comes down to knowing what to do and becoming aware of how much is too much. Too much what, you might ask? Let's consider a few key variables. Impact: Recently I sent out a tweet, via Twuffer to Twitter (brave new world), providing a Chez Ollie in the TheRollaDailyNews.com website concerning the value of exercise for Baby Boomers. There was a statement in this ... Read more

Musings Of A Neophyte Social Networker And Must Read Book Series, Everlost

  Hi folks, Twitter is a strange world that it takes time to negotiate. I have found that this networking tool can direct a lot of traffic your way, or not, depending how you use it. There is a mountain of advice out there on the use of Twitter, but the three things that I have learned so far, that might be important, are: Don't just automate your tweets through your blog and/or Twuffer (or similar), ... Read more

Was Alistair Cooke Creating A Model For Blogging?

Hi folks, Whilst growing up in post-war England during the late 1940s to early 1950s, my impressions of the USA (America is an inappropriate but common abbreviation that I will use here for convenience) were molded by a number of factors, including my mother's vociferous opinion ("problem with them is that they're over sexed, over paid and over here"), Hollywood (we were all in love with American film stars), and ... Read more

Social Networking And An Open Mind Can Be Important With Respect To Your Exercise Plans

Hi folks! Internet-based social networking has turned out to have many benefits in my life. My bike guy and one of my Internet mentors, Victor of Bicycle Lab, has encouraged me to engage in tweeting for some time - I finally succumbed - and gave it a whiz and, as Victor said so many times, if done right it really works. It finds useful stuff, it gets your stuff out there, and if used with tools like HootSuite, it ... Read more

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