Activating Your Core Prior To A Run As Part Of A Roller Routine

Hi folks, We sure have some lovely countryside here in North Carolina, including great running trails. I had two short runs to do today, and during the first of these I was gently cruising along and it occurred to me how much better I am at engaging my core and how this makes hill ascents more manageable. I was also playing with shifting the load from my quads and hip flexors back to the combination of ... Read more

Tara Teaches FitOldDog The Pilates 100 Core Exercise

  Hi folks, It is critical to condition your core, and one of many exercises I like for this is the Pilates hundred. Here is a short video where Tara is instructing me in this technique. You can see that my wrists are too loose, indicating that I am not 'reaching down' enough through my fingers. This aspect of the exercise is essential, as it keeps your shoulder blades down, protecting your neck. ... Read more

Video Clip Demonstrates Use Of Balance Ball To Improve Posture and Reduce Bodily Tension Whilst Working On Your Computer

  Hi folks, I spend a lot of time writing, and thus typing on my computer. If I become too involved, and work without a break for an hour or so, my upper body tightens up and I develop serious tension in my neck, rotator cuffs and forearms. I also tend to slump into poor posture, which leads to a tight lower back. None of this is good for my sport, so today Tara, my Pilates, Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic ... Read more

11 More Free Training Tips On Safe Exercise For Better Health From FitOldDog

  Hi folks, Just thought that I would pull out some more training tips for fun. Here they are, with an embedded link to the related blog post: Play at your workouts rather than working at them, because it is more joyful and thus more effective. Translation: take your training seriously but not yourself. Try running straight out of the gym after a heavy weight workout (yes, including your legs), ... Read more

FitOldDog Exercise Video #3: Two Simple Core Exercises

Hi folks, There is much more to effective core training than sit-ups or crunches. The best approach, in my opinion, is thorough training in Pilates. I have attached a video that shows two exercises I like for their simplicity. My Pilates instructor, Tara House, helped me to make this video at the Spira Pilates Studio, whilst Deb operated the iPad 2. You can find a lot more information about core training on ... Read more

Motivation: Keeping Your Shoulders Loose

Hi folks, I have many reasons to work on relaxing my shoulders, so I'm motivated to explore the issue. I received enthusiastic input on approaches to shoulder relaxation from several sources quite recently. Enthusiastic input certainly helps one's motivation. The reason I would like to loosen my shoulder blades is in order to (a) stay higher in the water when I swim, through the application of Archimedes Principle ... Read more

Relaxed Strength Is Stronger Than Tense Strength, But Does Chi Exist?

  Hi folks, I was in the middle of our Pilates lesson the other day, when Tara our instructor said, "relax Kevin, you'll feel stronger that way." We know these things but we forget. This comment took me back 30 years to my Kung Fu lessons. I studied this martial art for two years under Floyd, a truly talented individual. We were trained in two main areas, mental resistance to pain and the development ... Read more

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