When Will It Be Safe For Jerry To Return To His Regular Marathon Training Schedule After Ascending Aortic Surgery?

Hi folks! Welcome! As a result of experience with an abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft surgery in 2010, combined with a decision to return to Ironman training, I find myself approached increasingly for advice by those undergoing a similar experience. Each time I wonder how to help people find the information they need in order that they can make the best decisions for themselves with respect to getting ... Read more

The Evolving Vision Of The Athlete With Stent Blog By FitOldDog And A Question For My Subscribers

  Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! Say, faithful subscribers, would you like me to add you to an e-mail list I'm creating to provide promotion codes for our video and text products? The codes will give you a reduced rate (sometimes free) in return for following, and thus supporting, this blog? Thanks! Just comment accordingly on this post, and if enough people do so I'll create the list and send ... Read more

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft-Induced Hypertension Appears to Self-Correct Eventually

  Hi folks, You can generate some useful information (data) by monitoring your heart rate and body weight each day, or at least once per week. If you know your usual resting heart rate, any deviations can warn you of potential health issues. I find that my resting pulse will increase in frequency by as many as five to ten beats per minute if I am over training (back off) or going down with a cold or ... Read more

Hopes, Dreams, Worry, Sleep, And The Joy Of Fresh Peaches with Hoop Cheese At Three AM In New Jersey

  Hi folks, Books and peaches seem to have something in common, in that sometimes they have to ripen before they are really digestible. There are three books that took a while to grow on me, and now I refer to them all the time. They are like the peaches that I bought at a farm stall three or four days ago, at which time they were as hard as bullets. I was assured by the farmer, who also made the hoop ... Read more

Why Is FitOldDog Competing In The Lake Placid Ironman Again With His Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft?

  Hi folks, You might think that after going through abdominal aortic surgery that your days as an athlete, especially an older Ironman competitor, would be over. Benjamin Carey of Heartosaurus fame demonstrated in his great book, 'Barefoot in November, that this is not the case for thoracic aortic aneurysm surgery in a younger person. So, as FitOldDog, I'm pushing the boundaries for abdominal aortic ... Read more

All Fueled Up At Johnny’s And Heading North With My Cook Zenith Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft (Rupert) To Compete In The Lake Placid Ironman Again (Fun!!!!!)

  Hi folks, The Global Positioning Unit (GPS) I have in my truck is like magic. It can find a motel. How about that! When I head for the Lake Placid Ironman Race each summer, that I enjoy so much (except for the last few miles of the run, like everyone else - pure pain), I like to cook my own food from the back of my truck. In order to do this conveniently, I have to find motels where I can back my ... Read more

Rebuilding Your Life After Aortic Surgery With FitOldDog’s Quick Start Guide To Aortic Surgery Recovery

Hi folks, welcome!  FitOldDog's Guide to Aortic Surgery Recovery, or how to handle your life after such a life-threatening event, is now available, as is Aortic Disease From The Patient's Perspective. This weekend I also completed my first FitOldDog product, which is available for purchase on this site. This 49-page document was designed for the FitOldDog of August 2010, when I went from Ironman ... Read more

Beware ‘Crazy Time’ That Comes In Many Guises, Including Barefoot Running

  Hi folks, During life we have to overcome many challenges, including major life-changing relationship issues. The author is no exception in this regard. The good news is that you learn what to expect, how to protect yourself whilst attempting to be fair to others, and you know the pain will end and a new, exciting life will appear once you accept the loss and move on. The real danger comes during ... Read more

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