When Vegan Athletes Crave Protein: What’s To Do?

Vegan Athletes Crave Protein?

vegan athletes, crave protein sometimes. TVP sandwich.


vegan athletes can crave protein. FitOldDog's Coleman stove.

We bought this stove in 1968. Never been serviced, it just runs! I do love to cook, which is an asset for vegan athletes.

Vegan athletes do crave protein, from time-to-time. In exceptional circumstances.

What’s to do?

Cook! But what?

Kill a chicken?

Kill a pig?

Kill a steer?

Eat a bunch of eggs, or consume some cheese?


This happened to me, the day after my recent, fairly grueling, Ironman race.

I just craved some protein!

Normally, protein intake doesn’t cross my mind. I get plenty from plants, like any gorilla or elephant (I do take B12 – which makes me wonder, but that’s another story).

vegan athletes can crave protein - try TVP

If you need to imagine you are eating chicken, so be it! I don’t! I just enjoy the taste and flavor of this plant-based protein, from time-to-time.

Did I think of a steak, or chicken wings, like in the old days? Nope!

I briefly thought of a piece of salmon.

My stomach didn’t like that idea. I still find my gustatory transformation to be a mystery. But there it is! I seem to be very vegan.

My mind jumped to memories of my pre-race, vegan, protein-rich chip butty. It was delicious!

I just whipped one up on my trusty, 48-year old, Coleman stove.

The craving was gone within minutes.

My body talked!

I listened.

It’s all part of active healthy aging.

vegan athletes crave protein, sometimes. Ingredients of soy patties.Just listen!

Wishing you happy feet and happy trails,


PS Oh Yes! I do read the label, even if the food is advertised as vegan.

PPS That sandwich, at the top of this post, was:

Potato sautéed in avocado oil (supports high temperature cooking), with a similarly sautéed Soy Delight Patty, on sourdough bread, with vegan butter, and a little HP Sauce.

Truly delicious! Craving satisfied!


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