Aging Enjoyment: Nine Tips To Improve Your Life, Cancer Or No Cancer!

To Help Your Aging Enjoyment?

Sure, but it’s mainly up to you.

aging enjoyment Radical RemissionAre you having a really hard time with a health challenge?

Consider these nine radical changes to your life, from Radical Remission, whether you have cancer or not. We all have incipient cancer every day, by the way. Like we have hundreds to thousands of blood vessel leaks every day. Our body fixes them, until it doesn’t, which will in part be a function of your diet and other aspects of your life.

Nine Helpful Curing Things from Radical Remissions

1. Radically changing your diet.

2. Taking control of your health.

3. Following your intuition.

4. Using herbs and supplements.

aging enjoyment

Try roasting some cauliflower and parsnips, with avocado oil, turmeric and cumin, to take your mind off this serious stuff.

5. Releasing suppressed emotions.

6. Increasing positive emotions.

7. Embracing social support.

8. Deepening your spiritual connection.

9. Having strong reasons for living.

If you doubt it, read the book.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2018, I wonder?

I want to help people experience aging enjoyment, in spite of it all.

Don’t waste one wonderful day.

Wishing you happy trails,

kev aka FitOldDog


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