A Blogging Style For All? For Melinda And Marsha, Anyway! Of Eyeballs, Stents, And Learning

A Blogging Style For All? For Melinda And Marsha, Anyway! Of Eyeballs, Stents, And Learning

Hi folks, welcome! Everything you learn will come in useful one day, so learn lots of interesting things, which means explore your world. This has certainly helped me find interesting content for my style of blogging. But first, a general note on this blog: I was becoming disenchanted with my blog the other day. The muses were absent and traffic continued to be too flat. So I posed a question, concerning ... Read more

Blog Of The Week: “Just Live Your Own Life,” Which Is Not So Easy As You Might Think!

Blog Of The Week: "Just Live Your Own Life," Which Is Not So Easy As You Might Think!

Hi folks, welcome! I decided to bring your attention to one of my most dedicated followers, mentors, and guides, Marsha, who loves lost animals and history, and authors an excellent blog, "Just Live Your Own Life." What I find most alluring about Marsha's writing is that it calms me down. I'm not naturally a nervous person, but I am a bit driven, or even OCD. In spite of my daily meditation, I can still become ... Read more

FitOldDog’s Blog Choice Of The Week: When They Get Older

FitOldDog's Blog Choice Of The Week: When They Get Older

On Aging - by Maya Angelou When you see me sitting quietly, like a sack upon a shelf, Don’t think I need your chattering.  I’m listening to myself. Hold! Stop! Don’t pity me!  Hold!  Stop your sympathy! Understanding if you got it, otherwise I’ll do without it! When my bones are stiff and aching and my feet won’t climb the stair, I will only ask one favor:  Don’t bring me no rocking chair. When you see me ... Read more

FitOldDog Discovers The Difference Between Marketing And Sales As He Works To Find His Target Customers For A Great Aortic Surgery Recovery Guide

Hi folks, This blog has been a real boon to me, as it has brought me closer to my family of origin. For instance, my 'Bro' Trevor, was always a mystery to me, but now I understand that he sees the World in a different way. I live my life, largely, via logic circuits, whilst Trevor seems to understand how people feel. I have had a number of uncomplimentary names in my life, one of which was Genghis Khan, and I ... Read more

No Point Sending Out Advice On Safe Exercise For Better Health Unless FitOldDog Can Reach His Target Audience

  Hi folks, I finally prepared my first product, a guide to aortic surgery recovery based on personal experience. Then I stepped gingerly into the world of marketing by studying books on the subject and testing alternative keywords as bait for my target audience, such as guidance on life after hospitalization, getting your life back on track after surgery, nurses helping patients going home, surgery ... Read more

Nick (14) Teaches FitOldDog (68) How To Run

  Hi folks, A lot of things have to come together for a good run technique, especially if you want to remain injury free. I've worked on this for years, and had plenty of problems, but once I focused on learning low impact, non-heel strike running the major injuries became a thing of the past, and I just work with minor strains from time to time. One thing that does help me a lot is to watch other runners, ... Read more

Whether Running Or Blogging If Things Don’t Improve Change Something

  A Definition of Insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein (attributed), US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955) From: The Quotations Page. Hi folks, Remember the Pareto Principle, so much admired, and rightly so, by Tim Ferriss, author of that great book, 'The Four Hour Workweek?' Well, I suspect that it is true of strain placed on the ... Read more

Train Your Observational Skills To Improve Your Sport Or Generate Blogging Ideas

  Hi folks, In the study of the Feldenkrais Method and Continuum, body scanning, or looking inwards to see what your body has to say after a maneuver, is a key component of the process of learning to become more aware of your body. Such awareness is both an inherent and an acquired skill, but it can be honed to a high level of proficiency. Awareness really depends upon one's observational abilities, ... Read more

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