Further Thoughts On The Elimination of Tennis-Induced Wrist And Forearm Strain

  Hi folks, During a recent Continuum lesson with Rebecca, I raised the issue of the frequency of visits to this blog concerning tennis-induced wrist and forearm injury. The blog post entitled "Tennis-Induced Wrist Pain – Every Injury Is An Opportunity To Learn And To Improve In Your Sport," has been extremely popular, with literally thousands of visitors. In fact, never a day goes by that at least 10 ... Read more

A Long Blog Post For Benjamin (Heartosaurus) On Flexibility As He Ages

Hi folks, Today my workout will consist of a long walk enjoying an exploration of the littoral zone (shoreline) ecology of this region of Spain. It is limited in scope because the Mediterranean Sea has very shallow tides due to flow constraints in the Strait of Gibraltar, but there is still a rich sea life to be seen. As I always do when I walk along a coastal shoreline, I'll be musing about my experiences as ... Read more

Feldenkrais Approach To Shoulder Flexibility

Shoulder flexibility is critical for the avoidance of shoulder injury. Nothing much worse than poor shoulder flexibility, when you have to carry awkward, heavy objects. Such as pumpkins! Halloween is over. We're are settling in for winter training. I am glad to say this will include plenty of strength work during the fall. I really enjoy working with weights in the gym. Strength is a critical aspect of ... Read more

11 More Free Training Tips On Safe Exercise For Better Health From FitOldDog

  Hi folks, Just thought that I would pull out some more training tips for fun. Here they are, with an embedded link to the related blog post: Play at your workouts rather than working at them, because it is more joyful and thus more effective. Translation: take your training seriously but not yourself. Try running straight out of the gym after a heavy weight workout (yes, including your legs), ... Read more

Safer Exercise Approaches: Using Rollers Before And After Running Really Helps

Hi folks, I'm slowly getting back into shape, after floundering around without a coach for several months. Floundering? Like the fish? Anyway, flounder or octopus, I was getting nowhere, which is surprising considering how long I have been training. Even coaches have to have coaches if they are still competing, so I certainly need one. Today I was finishing an important workout pair from my ... Read more

Combine Your Roller Work With A Gentle Core Workout

Hi folks, I must admit that my rollers have helped my flexibility considerably. They are most effective when used both before and after runs. The trick is to workout which roller you use for which muscles, and for how long. You want tight muscles to 'let go,' whilst avoiding overdoing the rolling to the point of soreness. Areas of pain help to pinpoint where work needs to be done, which for me is always my ... Read more

Motivation: Keeping Your Shoulders Loose

Hi folks, I have many reasons to work on relaxing my shoulders, so I'm motivated to explore the issue. I received enthusiastic input on approaches to shoulder relaxation from several sources quite recently. Enthusiastic input certainly helps one's motivation. The reason I would like to loosen my shoulder blades is in order to (a) stay higher in the water when I swim, through the application of Archimedes Principle ... Read more

Don’t Stretch Your Muscles, Lengthen Them Kindly

Hi folks, Flexibility is an important attribute of a healthy body that tends to decrease with age. This thought comes straight out of that old book of life, the Tao te Ching. The Steven Mitchell version is nice and concise. "Men are born soft and supple; dead, they are stiff and hard. Plants are born tender and pliant; dead, they are brittle and dry. Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple ... Read more

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