I Learned A Lot At The FFT White Lake Triathlon Camp – Highly Recommended!

Hi folks! I had a great time at the FFT White Lake Triathlon Camp over the weekend, and I plan to sign up again for October. It was all about communication and learning, plus some drills and workouts, of course. Plenty of food for thought, plus really good food cooked by Phil: The emphasis of the camp was on learning skills that we could apply when we returned to regular life and training, and there was ... Read more

Getting Back in Training With An AAA-Stent Graft

Back In Training With An Abdominal Aortic (AAA) Stent Graft 2010 Yes! FitOldDog Was In A Funk All Those Years Ago I Got Over It, And You Can Too! Here is my very first WordPress post, after my first AAA endovascular surgery, with a few minor edits, for clarity! Hi! Folks (well, just me, mainly), Finally getting over my stent-funk and starting to train. Always worry about causing metal fatigue [Yes! There is ... Read more

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