FitOldDog Exercise Video #3: Two Simple Core Exercises

Hi folks, There is much more to effective core training than sit-ups or crunches. The best approach, in my opinion, is thorough training in Pilates. I have attached a video that shows two exercises I like for their simplicity. My Pilates instructor, Tara House, helped me to make this video at the Spira Pilates Studio, whilst Deb operated the iPad 2. You can find a lot more information about core training on ... Read more

How Do You Find Your Ideal Workout Plan?

  I recently posted an update on this article, which can be found by clicking on the following title: For Exercise Consistency Find Your Ideal Workout Motivator Hi folks, Even though I love to train for Ironman races I also enjoy doing other things, including currently an online writing course with AndiLit. My latest homework assignment (yes, I am doing homework at the age of 68) has been posted on my ... Read more

Safe Exercise For Better Health Is The Way To Prepare For An Active Old Age

Safe Exercise For Better Health Is The Way To Prepare For An Active Old Age

This post presents an overview of the FitOldDog Training Philosophy or Training Wheel, which guides you through the process of developing improved mind and body awareness before you embark on an exercise program. The goal is to learn to train safely, and thus reduce risk of exercise-induced injuries. One of my favorite books is 'Lord of the Rings,' By Tolkien. This mighty tome treats the females in a strange way, ... Read more

Soreness After A Workout Provides Valuable Information

Hi folks, Yesterday I started on Victor's squat diet. Having an abdominal aortic aneurysm with a stent graft, I took a cautious approach, only carrying my squat down to the point where my knees made a 90-degree angle. I was also careful to use good form, pushing out my butt with a straight spine and a firm (but not rigid) core, whilst keeping my shins fairly close to vertical to the floor. During three sets, I ... Read more

Develop A Personalized Routine To Be Effective In The Weight Room

Hi folks, I love to go to the gym and lift weights. At one time I was a weight lifting fool, able to press two 95 lb dumbbells from the flat bench, and I'm a little guy. I learned from my sons, real weight lifters, especially Nick who is busy lifting a great Tee-Shirt Business into existence out of no where. Having completed my race season for the year, now is the time to get back in the gym to build some strength ... Read more

Solving The Money Flux Equation, And What If Tim Ferris Is Right?

  Hi folks, A while ago I wrote a post about good pain versus bad pain. Well, there is good crazy and bad crazy, too. Tim Ferris is definitely good crazy. As I approach the end of another year of training, and my income is about to drop dramatically (on September 24th, in fact), I am considering self-coaching for my next season. Generally this is a bad idea, and I may live to regret it, but the experience ... Read more

Book Review – “The Athlete’s Guide To Recovery” by Sage Rountree

Hi folks! I met Sage in the Open Eye cafe the other day and, with her usual energy and enthusiasm, she asked me how my training was going. During the ensuing conversation Sage mentioned that her latest book had just come out. I have considered writing a book a number of times, and then thought better of it - too much work! I love to read, so I contribute to the literature by actually buying books to provide the ... Read more

Joe Friel’s Site Is Really Useful If You Are Undertaking Endurance Training – If You’re Not, I Can’t Imagine Why!

Hi folks! I'm always looking for websites that help my training, so recently I put Joe Friels' Blog on my Google desktop to see what came by. Good stuff came by, such as his recent article on the effect of missing workouts, which included this fascinating table: The styrofoam cup 'meditation' that I wrote about ages ago, also came from a comment in Joe's book, Going Long, which I highly recommend! Thanks ... Read more

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