Can’t Afford A Full-Time Ironman Coach? Compromise With A Plan On Training Peaks

Can't Afford A Full-Time Ironman Coach? Compromise With A Plan On Training Peaks

Being on a fixed income, and yet to make a profit with my business, I have to watch my spending. This doesn't leave room for a full-time Ironman coach. I already save plenty of expense, by camping at races. I learned a lot from my previous coaches. So I was conflicted, as I considered the best approach to training for my next race. The 2016 Louisville, Ironman, in October. After searching the web, I opted for ... Read more

“I’d Rather Win At Life Than Win A Game” – Positive Coaching Alliance

"I'd Rather Win At Life Than Win A Game" - Positive Coaching Alliance

A while ago I wrote a post, entitled, "Are High School Athletics And Academics The Road To A Life-Long Love Of Learning?" Can this ever happen in the USA, I wondered, when parents put pressure on coaches to win, win, win, while judging teachers based on their children's grades? Then I found The Positive Coaching Alliance, which gave me hope. I am of the opinion, being both a fairly successful academic and an ... Read more

Are You Making These Swim Mistakes? FitOldDog Is Improving With Video And Coaching Assistance.

Hi folks, welcome! Learning to swim is an endless but fascinating process, and video helps a lot. The real beauty of video is that it shows you what you are actually doing in the water, not what you think you are doing. Rick, my friend and swim coach, kindly prepared some video footage of our latest swim workout, and you'll see that I have a lot to learn. Today's post consists of a movie, prepared from ... Read more

If Only I Could Run Like Randy Because Real Ironman Carnage Occurs During The Run (To Quote Chris Hauth)

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! I had a great Ironman coach a while ago, and I still do in my head, Chris Hauth. I decided to stop his coaching plan for two reasons, (1) I walked away from a well paid job to start this new life, so I can't afford to do anything that doesn't help raise revenue to support my Ironman lifestyle, and (2) I seemed to be the only person who could work out what kind of training ... Read more

Goal Setting For Each Workout And Thoughts About PowerCrank Training For Running And Cycling

  Hi and thanks for coming by! Sometimes I forget to listen to my own advice - do you ever do that? I was recently climbing on my trainer bike, to do a pre-run PowerCrank workout, when it occurred to me that I was just going through the motions. I would have ridden for 30 minutes at 140 watts, climbed off all sweaty and ready for my run, but would that have been the best training routine? So I ... Read more

Muscle Atrophy Induced By Inactivity, And My Favorite Swim Tips For Beginners From Real Swimmers

  Hi and thanks for coming by! Staying fit really changes your life, my friends. I watch people my age having trouble getting on a bike or tying up their shoelaces, and I wonder. Why do they do that? Just one look at the adjacent figure, adapted from a scientific publication on muscle loss in sedentary older people versus triathletes young and old. One glimpse should be enough to wake them up - a ... Read more

In The Swim Every Little Bit Of Advice From The Experts Helps You To Reach A New PR Even As You Approach 70 Years Of Age – Not Dead Yet!

  Hi folks, I was in the pool today, doing what Rick considered to be a taper set for my upcoming marathon in New York (Hurricane Sandy permitting), and during the last rest interval of a set of 8 x 100 yards, the guy in the next lane said, "What are those things on your nose?" I explained that they were nose clips that I use to avoid symptoms of 'Chez Ollie,' then the clock came round and I had to go. ... Read more

Training And Motivating Older Athletes – Guest Post For FitOldDog By Eamon Foley

  "At last you can improve significantly without floundering for hours. Cutting to the chase is really important." By Eamon Foley, triathlon coach, author of this guest post, and editor of The Holistic Triathlete How do you get the most out of older athletes, given that as we age our recovery speeds diminish and conflicting priorities (career, family) mean we are less able to carry a heavy training ... Read more

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