A Blogging Style For All? For Melinda And Marsha, Anyway! Of Eyeballs, Stents, And Learning

A Blogging Style For All? For Melinda And Marsha, Anyway! Of Eyeballs, Stents, And Learning

Hi folks, welcome! Everything you learn will come in useful one day, so learn lots of interesting things, which means explore your world. This has certainly helped me find interesting content for my style of blogging. But first, a general note on this blog: I was becoming disenchanted with my blog the other day. The muses were absent and traffic continued to be too flat. So I posed a question, concerning ... Read more

This Is Feldenkrais!

... Read more

Recovering From A Serious Injury Or Ill-Health Is A Structured Work Of Art – Advice On Femoral Neck Fracture Rehabilitation For Luis, Please?

Hi folks! Painful as pain is, it's here to protect us from ourselves. Just ask someone with leprosy. Post-surgical repair, that's fine. Today I received a tweet from a cyclist that I admire, Luis, asking for my thoughts on recovery from a subcapital hip fracture (broken neck of femur, where it enters the hip joint), but with no pain. Yep! He fell off of his bike - these things happen. The absence of pain is ... Read more

Endurance Training: When You Go Harder It’s Harder, But How Hard Is Too Hard? Remember, A Chain Is Only As Strong As The Weakest Link

Hi folks, good to have you back (or here for the first time). How hard is too hard to push yourself during training and races? This can be a life or death question, of which I was reminded by a recent publication, kindly forwarded to me by Peter Reaburn, of Master's Athlete Fame (thanks Peter). If you decide to take on endurance sports as you age, following a major health challenge, or as in my case, ... Read more

Video Swim Analysis – A Great Way To Improve Your Stroke And Enjoyment Of The Water – Don’t Miss Prognob On YouTube

Hi folks, welcome! From time to time it pays to have a quick video swim analysis to check your progress. I'm pretty pleased with my stroke improvement, as you can see in the above video, compared to previous versions. My legs wander less, I have a more front quadrant stroke (which brings my legs higher, reducing drag), and my body is clearly weaving much less. Give it a try, you'll be surprised. Watching ... Read more

When Not To Cut Corners: Thoughts On Body Awareness Training And The Older Athlete

"Shortcuts make long delays." Pippen, Lord of the Rings. Hi folks, welcome to today! One reason I promote body awareness training is because, in my opinion, such training combined with an Ironman race saved my life in 2010. I have to admit that The Feldenkrais Method is weird, but remarkably effective. You'll be asked, "Which of your arms feels longest?" You decide it's the left one, you look down and ... Read more

Serious Sports Injury? For A Speedy Recovery Embrace Your New Community – Thoughts On Lisfranc Injury

Hi folks, welcome to another lovely day (even though not training is driving me bonkers!). I inserted the video above to remind you that your body is alive, it can repair itself given time, but you have to work with it for an optimal repair in terms of duration of the process and your satisfaction with the final outcome. The first thing you have to do after a serious injury is survive the grieving process ... Read more

Of Coaches, Physicians, Older Triathletes, Feldenkrais And Aortic Aneurysms

Hi folks, welcome to my chatter! People who follow this blog regularly may have noticed my tendency to hesitate to take a physicians advice until their advice earns my trust. The same is true of triathlon coaches. My recommendation to all with respect to sports as you age is that you educate yourself, obtain all relevant inputs that you comprehend, and select your life's course accordingly. If complete trust ... Read more

Disclaimer: this publication does not provide medical advice. If you undertake or modify an exercise program, consult your medical advisors before doing so. Undertaking activities pursued by the author does not mean that he endorses your undertaking such activities, which is clearly your decision and responsibility. Be careful and sensible, please.