Why Do We Eat Animals? Genes, Memes Or Survival?

Why Do We Eat Animals? Genes, Memes Or Survival?

"Still the pioneer, Victoria determined to find what was missing and find the optimum human diet.   The Chimpanzee DietIn her search, Victoria discovered that chimpanzees have 99.4% of the same genes as humans. In addition, they have an incredible immunity to HIV and hepatitis C. What could make more sense than checking out what they eat?" Raw Food For The Beginner Every time I watch interesting animal ... Read more

You Can’t Tell A Network By It’s Cover – What’s To Eat, Healthy Meals?

You Can't Tell A Network By It's Cover - What's To Eat, Healthy Meals?

I find myself under increasing pressure to become a vegetarian, plant-only eater, Vegan or Paleolithic Lookalike, but which one would be good for both my body and the Biosphere, I wonder? What are healthy meals for every person, and the rest of the living skin of planet Earth? As I was working on The Thoughtful Athlete website, the other day, I decided to add the topic of diet choices, because I suspect that ... Read more

Does Your Dog Like Peas? Philosophy At Work.

Hi folks, welcome! Why do we like one person, vegetable, book, or dog, and not another? I do like philosophy, or thinking about thinking, I must admit, and this is an age-old question. When it comes to liking most things, no problem, your initial impression is generally on target. For humans, however, first impressions are dangerous and you have to remember that you most certainly can't tell a book by ... Read more

Blue Pill Of The Low-Fat Matrix Or The Red Pill Of Healthy Food Choices, And How To Build Swedish Goggles

I was horrified to see this double whammy product on the shelves in my local food store. Candy to entice the unwary, combined with low fat food, designed to force the consumer to seek addictive carbohydrates. You have to get your energy from somewhere, and there are only two real choices, fat or carbohydrates. Photo by FitOldDog. "The blue pill would allow him [Neo] to remain in the fabricated reality of the Matrix, ... Read more

Food And Training For Optimizing Mitochondrial Mass And Function At Mark’s Daily Apple

Hi folks, welcome! My goal is to continue (bad)pain-free exercise and Ironman training for as long as my old body will allow, and I know this takes continual work on optimal metabolism and a positive attitude. I accompanied a friend of mine to the hospital for surgery the other day, which was wisely delayed for very good reasons, including the great attitude of the surgeon. During the trip, I told my friend ... Read more

A FitOldDog Happiness Interview – Steve Of Outlaw Hot Dogs

Hi folks! Just a brief video for your viewing pleasure, as I explore the world around me! Thank you Steve for a great hot dog, that Willbe also enjoyed, and for your interesting commentary on life and happiness, while the crossing beeped and people milled around. Yes! I know hot dogs aren't Paleo, but one has to live the American Dream! -k @FitOldDog   ... Read more

Paleo Diet Has Improved My Aging Associated Arthritis

Our results for the Mountains of Misery Century Bike Ride, 2013 Morgan, Duncan (42) 10:27:48 Conolly, Rory (65) 10:30:34 Morgan, Kevin [and Rupert] 10:32:03 Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! Arthritis of the finger joints appears to be a symptom of the wear and tear of aging, but a Paleo diet has apparently reversed the condition in my left hand considerably. Several years ago, I developed a ... Read more

An Inspiring Tale About The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet In A Case Of Type I Diabetes

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! If you're a dog, a stick can provide a great deal of pleasure, whereas for the diabetic a stick (injection) can be life saving, but maybe diet modification should also receive a little more attention. Diabetes is a complex condition due to the widespread and critical roles played by the hormone, insulin, in human (and non-human) Biology. After describing my recent forays ... Read more

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