Safe Exercise With A Stent Using FitOldDog’s Training Wheel

Safe Exercise With A Stent Using FitOldDog's Training Wheel

Are You Stuck In A Rut? Safe Exercise With A Stent? How? Get your wheels turning again with FitOldDog! Why a wheel? Because wheels work! Life goes in cycles. So does healthy exercise! Life has been using wheels effectively for over 2,500,000,000 years! The Stent Blog says, on exercise with a heart stent: "...really depends on you and what you did physically before your stent." I agree, but there's ... Read more

Life After Abdominal Aortic Surgery: Two Years On And Two Days Before The Lake Placid Ironman Race 2012

  Hi folks, The Lake Placid Ironman is a delightful trip down memory lane for me. Each time I return and continue my work towards qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman, which is not my prime motive, I always meet new and interesting people. My real reason, however, for repeatedly undertaking this somewhat challenging race is that it motivates me to push my training limits to a healthy level. And I do ... Read more

FitOldDog Has A Slot In The New York City Marathon Thanks To Heartosaurus And He Has Agreed To Raise Money For The American Heart Foundation – Help!

  Hi folks, Thanks to the great and wonderful ascending aortic aneurysm survivor and author ('Barefoot in November' - inspiring story about his survival), Benjamin Carey, FitOldDog has a slot in the New York City Marathon in November. In return for the chance to meet a whole group of aortic aneurysm survivors, I have agreed to raise money for The American Heart Association. Contributions from any kind ... Read more

Fond Memories Of An Expat AAA-Ironman Triathlete As A Young Veterinarian In Wellington Somerset

  Hi folks, Many years ago I lived in Wellington, Somerset, England, where I worked as a young veterinarian. In fact, one of my latest Veterinary Tales, 'Pride Cometh Before A Fall,' was based upon an experience on a farm whilst I was working in the Wellington practice. It seems such a long time ago, so I looked on the Internet for a photograph of the Wellington of Today, and it looks to be just the ... Read more

If Your Health Status Has Changed Don’t Live In The Past, Embrace Today While You Can

  Hi folks, As life goes by we encounter changes in our health status. You can resist for a while, but you'll eventually be forced to accept this reality. Better to learn to live well with your issue sooner rather than later, I say. For instance, if you have a heart attack, followed by coronary arterial angioplasty, you are now different. If you are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II, you are a ... Read more

Exercise Following Corrective Surgery For Aortic Dissection

Exercise Following Corrective Surgery For Aortic Dissection

Safe Exercise With Aortic Dissection? It's A Challenge No Exercise Is The Worst Exercise! I'm an abdominal aortic aneurysm survivor, veterinarian and endurance athlete in my 70s I'm writing this brief post in response to direct requests for advice on exercise following corrective surgery for aortic dissection If you want to hear my aorta story, watch this video Clearly, with aortic dissection, you need to be ... Read more

Using Information Technology To Look After Yourself Properly

Hi folks, welcome! I am going to tell you about some software that I like, but I was not asked to do this by anyone, including the vendor. If this were an advertisement I would say so in order to follow the rules of ethical blogging. Just thought I would say that up front, as being up front is important to me. If you have a health challenge it is critical that you gain as much understanding of your issues as ... Read more

Aneurysm, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Serious Injury, Feeling Your Age?

  Hi folks, Well, almost a year has gone by since I started this blog in response to fear for my life. I continue to search for endurance athletes with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft, without success. Since my graft placement, I have completed both a half and full Ironman race, with no apparent interest from the manufacturers of my stent - maybe they are scared I will croak on the course ... Read more

Disclaimer: As a veterinarian, I do not provide medical advice for human animals. If you undertake or modify an exercise program, consult your medical advisors before doing so. Undertaking activities pursued by the author does not mean that he endorses your undertaking such activities, which is clearly your decision and responsibility. Be careful and sensible, please.