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So-Called Plantar Fasciitis Nociceptive Heel Pain is From Your Hips, Believe it or Not!

Site of my recent plantar fasciitis nociceptive heel pain, and we have a cat dog standoff! Competitive cycling places a load on your hip or core muscles, especially if you push the hill climbs. This is one thing that will trigger my so-called plantar fasciitis nociceptive heel pain. A few days ago, we pushed to 42-miles, on our way to 100-mile rides, as I work to reclaim my "base bike fitness level." The next ... Read more

So-called plantar fasciitis and iliotibial band syndrome are neither. They’re not where the pain is!

In my humble opinion, both the condition doctors and podiatrists call plantar fasciitis and I call nociceptive foot pain (NFP), and the pain in the knee that sports physicians call iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) and I call nociceptive lateral knee pain (NLKP), are states of nociceptive or warning pain, and these problems do not lie in the location of their respective pains. The best approach is presented in ... Read more

Speedplay Hips, Another ‘So-Called Plantar Fasciitis’ Insight

Speedplay Hips For Better Foot Float A 'So-Called Plantar Fasciitis' Insight?  Believe it or not, this crudely made, old video has had over 15,000 hits! Those eight years of research on so-called plantar fasciitis drew my attention to the role of hip muscles in freedom of rotation of our feet. During today's 5k road race, I had an epiphany. It's just like those Speedplay pedals. It's all about float, or freedom ... Read more

Perplexing Review Of So-Called Plantar Fasciitis Research aka Junk Science Garbage Based On BS

So-Called Plantar Fasciitis Research? 'So-Called' is clearly explained in the book. With which I'm pretty happy, on re-reading it. If you can enjoy re-reading a book you wrote, you're either insane or it's not too bad. There are already six reviews on Amazon, of which this one interested me. Why am I perplexed? Only three stars for a positive review. Is that a mixed message? Fascinated me, anyway. It was the ... Read more

Jack Heggie And Nociceptive Foot Pain Mind Control: Think Away Your ‘Plantar Fasciitis’

Nociceptive Foot Pain Mind Control Works You may be able to think your so-called plantar fasciitis away! Think of that! That'll save you a bundle of $$$ For someone with aortic disease, and peripheral vascular disease-induced calf claudication, I had a good day. 2.5-mile trail run with Willbe, our yellow lab (early morning). 35-mile bike ride, hitting the hills pretty hard (mid-morning). 2.5-mile ... Read more

Five Reasons To Ban Heel Injections For So-Called Plantar Fasciitis (NFP)

Please note: If you strongly disagree with me, would you kindly (a) refute each of my five 'arguments' on the basis of data and logic, and (b) explain the following graph. If you consider these data to be insufficient for interpretation, please direct my readers and me to a better data set. Calling my work junk science (a scientist), based on BS (a podiatrist) or garbage (another podiatrist), does not qualify as ... Read more

Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Treatment For Those Who’ve Tried Everything

Research-Based Approach to Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Treatment It worked for Elise The boot didn't help. Orthotics made it worse. Tom's had Elise running 16 miles, pain-free, within a week. It's a cure based on eight years of research. Why is Tom still fighting the dangerous craziness of heel injections: Here's why: During his online research, Tom found two groups of plantar fasciitis (NFP) ... Read more

Some Incorrect Disease Names: ITBS (NLKP), ADD/ADHD (SHP), Plantar Fasciitis (NFP)

Who Cares About Disease Names? Pathologists for a Start! Here's an interesting quote concerning the importance of disease names: “An illness, at the moment of its discovery, is a fragile idea, a hothouse flower—deeply, disproportionately influenced by names and classifications. (More than a century later, in the early 1980s, another change in name—from gay related immune disease (GRID) to acquired immuno ... Read more

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