Introductory Video Lesson On Yoga Toes From FitOldDog’s Continuum And Dance Teacher For An Endurance Athlete

  Hi folks, I recently published a blog post about the effect of Continuum training and yoga toes on the health of my feet and my shoe size. This generated some interest from Pauline, an endurance athlete who introduced me to the AAA Facebook Page, of which she was one of the creators. As the real key to the use of yoga toes is how they are applied, which requires some training, I asked Rebecca, my ... Read more

Watch Out For Those First Subtle Signs Of Change

  Hi folks, The first vague indication of fall, for me at least, comes as a cool morning walk with that feeling of winter on the way. The first sure sign of fall comes in a more sinister form, for the arachnophobe, wolf spider webs. If you run trails on an autumn morning in the North Carolina piedmont, there they are, sometimes hundreds of them, barring your way, each huge web having a 'large' scary ... Read more

Continuum Is Improving My Posture Thank Goodness

  Hi folks, If you look around you will observe that people have a wide range of postures, some slouching close to the ground, heads protruding forward with shoulders hunched, whilst others stand erect and tall. This is all a matter of posture and stance, and I have problems with both. I tend to round my shoulders due to tight pectoral muscles, stick my head out in front of my body looking at the ... Read more

Improvising Your Training With No Excuses

  Hi folks, I had to deal with an electronic blackout, here at the Chez Ollie, so my post is late today. However, it is nice to escape from the Internet from time to time. I occasionally plan a short e-vacation, by scheduling blog postings ahead, but not this time. So, here I am at the resort, as a non-skier (had my skiing-induced knee surgery already, thank you!) with limited workout equipment in the ... Read more

Learn To Stand Before You Walk Before You Run

  Hi folks, I have a problem with chronically tight calf muscles, and I may have found the cause. The way that I stand. I was receiving further core instruction from my dance and Continuum teacher, Rebecca, who commented that I tend to lean forward when standing. I did a quick internal body scan and there it was, plus lots of other things. My Feldenkrais training from Karen emphasizes the importance of ... Read more

Posture Is A Critical Key To Biomechanical Health And Athletics

  Hi folks, Work on Johnny's Gone Fishing LLC is moving along nicely, as Erica, Jan and I work to recreate a local community space and grocery store. This is all new to me, as an ex-scientist, but I do get to make some great trips to large stores seeking inventory for our shelves. Jan and I were off on yet another shopping trip when we noticed a car on the side of the road, with a rather ... Read more

It’s Worth The Trouble To Get To Know Your Psoas Muscles

  Hi folks, Another great dance lesson today, in which no dancing was done or music heard. It was all about exploring and activating my core, whilst working to keep other muscle groups quiescent, and thus allowing my core to do what it does best. Rebecca, my dance and Continuum teacher, informed me that the psoas muscles are central to dance. In the past, I got to know my major hip flexors, the psoas ... Read more

Engaging Your Core As You Run And Core Running?

Engaging Your Core As You Run And Core Running?

Engaging your core as you run? Engaging your core? Now, there's a trick! Better still, run with your whole body. Move correctly for safe exercise as you age. To fix injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. But what is your core? It's difficult to explain what I mean, by engaging your core, but I'll try. Don't think that a bunch of crunches will do the trick. That just overworks one set of abdominal muscles, the ... Read more

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