Free High Resolution Video By FitOldDog On The Use Of PowerCranks For Running And Cycling Training As He Seeks His Market Niche

  Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Learning how to make a living on the Internet is an interesting and fascinating challenge. You have to decide what you want to sell, to whom, and how to reach them. There is plenty of advice out there on ways to approach this issue, but you still have to work it out for yourself. In a way, it's like Ironman training. Coaches help a lot, but you have to do the hard work, ... Read more

In The Winter Or At Altitude On The Bike Dress For The Descent

  Hi folks, I was in the pool today, when a fit-looking guy, who kindly reminded me that his name is Steve (I seem to have trouble remembering names, with apologies to Steve), mentioned that he enjoyed reading my blog. This is music to the ears of a blogger, as providing interesting and useful content is what blogging is all about. Then Steve mentioned that he had recently biked up Mount Mitchell, ... Read more

New Technologies Can Be A Pain In The Butt If You Rely On Them Too Heavily

  Put it on the seat, turn around, and whoosh it's gone. Technology gone crazy, not to mention those bloody automatic taps that only work half the time. Too complicated for their own good. Hi folks, You can be seduced by new technologies, especially on the bike. Take my word for it (a word that I received from my son, Nigel), don't rely too heavily on heart rate monitors, power meters, and the like, ... Read more

A Kafkaesk Business Day But PowerCranks And A Run Put Everything Right

  Hi folks, I feel more and more like Joseph K, as I'm forced to deal with the Carrboro Town Hall staff in our attempts to rescue our little grocery store, Johnny's, from external forces that attack us using a potentially fatal mixture of malign attention and benign neglect. Think of this. During a two-hour meeting at the Carrboro Town Hall, most of the local business developers protested to the town staff ... Read more

Try Speedplay Pedals To Eliminate Knee Pain On The Bike

  Hi folks, I was out riding with Sue the other day, when she mentioned that she continues to have knee pain whilst riding the bike. This reminded me of the time, several years ago, when I moved over to SpeedPlay pedals in the hope of fixing my cycling knee pain, which was pretty severe in my left knee. I had surgery on both knees; the left one is the most 'wonky.' SpeedPlay pedals have lots of ... Read more

Give Elastic Laces A Real Try Plus Kids Provide A New Perspective On The Use Of Yoga Toes

  Hi folks, Kids really are interesting, especially with respect to how they use their imaginations to create whole worlds in their heads (and chaos around them). If you stay young at heart you can do this too, but it is not so easy when you are worrying about paying the mortgage, feeding the children, or just getting some sleep, for heaven's sake. Fortunately, my running shoes were not available to be ... Read more

The Sock Is Back So It’s Time For FitOldDog To Break In His New Bike Shoes

  "Just because it feels right, doesn't mean it is right, and just because it feels wrong, doesn't mean it is wrong." FitOldDog learned this from Feldenkrais. Hi folks, This is a short post to remind you to take the slightest of symptoms seriously until you work out what is going on and can fix whatever it is. Sometimes the signs of potentially serious trouble will come in the form of fate knocking ... Read more

Your MInd Is Your Most Important Raw Material And Tool As An Endurance Athlete And You Get To Choose

  "Psychiatric diagnoses, in this view, are in the minds of observers and are not valid summaries of characteristics displayed by the observed."  Extracted from 'In Being Sane In Insane Places' by David L. Rosenhan "Kevin, you must be crazy doing this Ironman stuff at your age - silence - maybe I should work out more?" By lots of people in FitOldDog's daily life. Hi folks, The thing about Ironman ... Read more

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