Cooking’s Like Training: Know Your Oven, Know Your Body!

Cooking's Like Training: Know Your Oven, Know Your Body!

You have to know your body to get your diet and training on track. The successful application of a training recipe (plan), as with a food recipe, requires adjustment for actual conditions. No two ovens, or human bodies, are the same. When following a recipe that involves baking or roasting in an oven, you'll need to adjust the temperature setting for your oven. I learned to cook, by trial and error. As I ... Read more

Is Body Awareness And Movement Training A Viable Information Niche Product?

Is Body Awareness And Movement Training A Viable Information Niche Product?

I'm having a great time, but limited success (which is normal at this stage), marketing the results of our research on plantar fasciitis treatments, but this is probably because my real focus is on body awareness and movement training, a much more important topic for most of us wanting to stay active into old age. This is certainly an area where value can be added to people's lives, as they work to hold ... Read more

Body Awareness Training Allows You To Put The Load Where You Want It – To Swim Smooth

Body Awareness Training Allows You To Put The Load Where You Want It - To Swim Smooth

Your best teachers are often your students, which is true when it comes to body awareness training, because as you guide them it causes you to think, "That's great advice, but do I do that?" The best running book I ever read, 'Running With The Whole Body,' by Jack Heggie, showed me how to shift load, during running stride recovery, from my hip flexors to my spinal spring. Recently, I was giving some swimmers ... Read more

Plantar Fasciitis And Rollers Revisited – Correlation Does Not Prove Cause And Effect, But If It Works Use It.

If you're an older athlete (which I am), you'll be forced to carefully explore your biomechanics (body movement processes) in order to head off injuries, if you hope to stay in the game into your 80s and beyond (which I do). A good conversation depends more upon listening than it does on talking, and this is as true for a conversation with your body as it is whilst chatting with a friend. Learning to listen came ... Read more

This Is Feldenkrais!

... Read more

Recovering From A Serious Injury Or Ill-Health Is A Structured Work Of Art – Advice On Femoral Neck Fracture Rehabilitation For Luis, Please?

Hi folks! Painful as pain is, it's here to protect us from ourselves. Just ask someone with leprosy. Post-surgical repair, that's fine. Today I received a tweet from a cyclist that I admire, Luis, asking for my thoughts on recovery from a subcapital hip fracture (broken neck of femur, where it enters the hip joint), but with no pain. Yep! He fell off of his bike - these things happen. The absence of pain is ... Read more

Balancing Your Inner And Outer Journeys, A Key To Successful Aging And Lifelong Endurance Training

Inner Journey Body Meditation by FitOldDog: sit cross-legged and interlace your fingers. Fine! Now reverse your legs, upper knee lower and vice versa, and reverse your hand interlace, lower thumb to upper - it will feel very weird, even uncomfortable, at first, but relax, watch the tension melt away over a period of 15 mins. You'll discover areas of tightness in your body you never knew were there, and they'll melt ... Read more

Of Cats, Ironmen, And New Year’s Resolutions – First Time Ironman Racers Take Note!

Good morning, or evening, or whatever, welcome! Taking on an endurance sport as your new year's resolution is like taking on a cat. I've never had to seek out a sport or a cat. They walk into my life. And now it's another cat. I looked down and there I espied Cat! A ginger cat! A cat that we tentatively named Marmeduke, after 'The Marmalade Cat.' No, that's Orlando! We have yet to name this cat of 12 ... Read more

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